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Tammy Luciano is an actress, journalist and author (of both fiction and poetry). She has written more than thirty plays (among them “Krikilin Rima with Ziripin”, “A Rua Daqueles Homens”, “O Menino Que Escreveu O Mundo” and “Casados e Surtados”). Tammy is also a renowned novelist with titles including: "Fernanda Vogel na Passarela da Vida", "Novela de Poemas", "Sou Toda Errada", "Garota Replay" (which she gained recognition as the first Brazilian writer of the Selo Novo Conceito Jovem, by Editora Novo Conceito), "Claro Que Te Amo!" (whose first edition sold out in less that six weeks of release), “Sonhei Que Amava Você”, “Escândalo!!!” (launched by Editora Valentina), “Diário do Amor Desenfreado”, “Amo Tanto, Não Sei Quanto” (Qualis Editora) and “Acordei Apaixonado Por Você” (launched by Editora Valentina).

Tammy graduated with a Performing Arts and Journalism degree and also specialized in scriptwriting in Washington DC, USA. She had a theater group at Retiro dos Artistas, Rio de Janeiro for more than ten years and was a columnist for JB Online and the website Baguete Diário. Tammy presented the show “Tá no Papo do Hipermídia” on, could also be seen as a reporter for the “TV Fama Program” on Rede TV! and was interviewed on Globo's “Jô Program”. Her acting career included work on several TV dramas and in soap operas on Brazilian TV network Globo such as “Uga-Uga”, “Laços de Família”, “Caminhos do Coração”, “Senhora do Destino”. She also appeared on episodes of “Linha Direta” and “A Grande Família”. Today, in addition to writing, Tammy travels all over Brazil to meet her fans and records videos for her Youtube Channel, which you can find at



















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